If you are a foreign competitor wishing to register for a Dutch tournament through the Nahouw, please follow the following instructions.

(Note that these instructions will not work if you are a member of a Dutch club, in which case you should follow the instructions provided here)

  1. Go to https://www.nahouw.net/register 
  2. Think of a username, Suggestion: initials+lastname (e.g."jjones")
  3. Think of a password (min. 12 characters), enter it twice
  4. Enter your first name
  5. Enter your last name
  6. Select your gender
  7. Select your country
  8. Select your club if it is listed, otherwise leave it on "-"
  9. Enter your email address
  10. Register
  11. You'll receive a confirmation email
  12. Go to https://www.nahouw.net/pag/562c
  13. Change your language and date of birth
  14. Go to the tournament you wish to register for
  15. Select your weapon and submit
  16. You've just registered
  17. You'll receive an email confirmation of the registration
  18. Go to: https://www.nahouw.net/change-locale/redirect/%2F and select your language and country
  19. After you have registered for the tournament, you also best make the payment through Nahouw

If you encounter problems, please contact us for help at wedstrijdzaken@knas.nl.